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Park City, Utah – Day 2

Purpose Driven Travel Carbon Neutrality From a previously stated Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) point-of-view, Carbon Neutrality is one of the most important goals for our road trip. I want to demonstrate how individuals and families might participate in carbon offsetting to reduce their respective carbon footprints. Our efforts in this pursuit involve three areas: (1) an emission-free automobile, (2) accurately sourcing and offsetting the carbon intensity of the electricity drawn from the electrical grid at various charging locations along our [...]

Jackson, Wyoming

Off the Map Yesterday, Day 9 of the trip, we first went to the Hill AFB Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah as planned. Here, Neo discovered an enormous military plane he had never heard of - the C-124C Globemaster II - a Vietnam Era troop carrier with a double-decker cabin for 200 troops and a cargo bay that could accommodate a tank (see photo) among other aircraft. For the next leg of our day’s drive, we had planned a [...]

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Parks We departed Jackson, Wyoming on our selected route and entered the first National Park of our road trip—Grand Teton, just north of Jackson Hole, and three things became evident—the Tetons are, indeed, “Grand” and the speed limit was reduced to 45. This was not a problem for me as I often drive below the posted speed limit. I find it more relaxing and people who want to go faster can simply pass me. But, especially in a profoundly [...]

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Day 2

Darwinism The aptly-named Camelback Mountain looks like a sleeping Dromedary with its hump-like summit and head extended forward. It is, perhaps, the Phoenix, Arizona area’s most recognizable natural landmark and everybody wants to climb it as it is a relatively quick way to get altitude to view the Valley of the Sun and is a short walk from a number of resorts. The resorts try to do a good job of preparing tourists for the climb and there are [...]

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