John and Neo Martinson

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder DashFor those of you who are following our route, note that our original route from Aspen to Boulder, Colorado had us going around and through Rocky Mountain National Park. Instead, I re-routed us along the Central City Parkway to State Highway 119 to Boulder so we were sure to have some quality time with the folks at Rocky Mountain Institute’s Boulder Office. We were supposed to meet the staff at their Innovation Center in Basalt, but due to the fire, the building was closed and many staff evacuated from their homes.In Boulder, we had a great meeting with the [...]

Park City, Utah

The Efficacy of Tesla Road Tripping One of the great advantages of driving a Tesla cross-country is that Tesla Destination Chargers at hotels are free. For the Model 3, it is only the Superchargers that cost money and you do not need a credit card to pay. The fees are charged to your credit card on file with Tesla. The charger knows when your car is plugged in. Today (July 7) we started with 247 miles on the battery and we drove 526.65 miles, charged at 4 Tesla Superchargers for a total cost of $18.04, and ended the day with [...]

Park City, Utah – Day 2

Purpose Driven Travel Carbon Neutrality From a previously stated Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) point-of-view, Carbon Neutrality is one of the most important goals for our road trip. I want to demonstrate how individuals and families might participate in carbon offsetting to reduce their respective carbon footprints. Our efforts in this pursuit involve three areas: (1) an emission-free automobile, (2) accurately sourcing and offsetting the carbon intensity of the electricity drawn from the electrical grid at various charging locations along our route, and (3) perhaps the most difficult, estimating the carbon footprint and carbon offsetting of other actions such as hotel [...]

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Due to unforeseen family needs, we are now departing on Saturday, May 2nd on our “Tribal Nations of Arizona” Road Trip in my Tesla Model 3 to visit all 22 Indian Nations in the State of Arizona, 2,200 miles in 6 days (May 2-7).