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There have been road trips as long as there have been roads. The newest iteration is the electric road trip, made possible by the Tesla Supercharger Network. This site is dedicated to those who seek to take to the open road as explorers in zero-emission vehicles.

The father and son team is taking to the road in the Summer of 2018.

John and Neo Martinson

John Martinson

Natural Capitalist

Neo Martinson

Fly Boy


Road tripping is an essential part the American experience—whether you drive, cycle, walk, hitchhike, or ride the rails, it is important to get off the freeways and visit small towns, stay at local beds & breakfasts, sit down at community tables and break bread with people you would not ordinarily get to meet, be they locals or fellow travelers.

I am a lifelong lover of road trips, nature and wilderness and a passionate advocate for clean energy and sustainability. These pursuits do not have to be at odds now that there is electric motoring and thus electric road tripping. Now we can do road trips without negatively impacting our climate system.

The purpose of this trip is multifold:

  • father-son bonding trip
  • support and promote the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)
  • promote Arizona State University’s (ASU) School of Sustainability (where I am President of the school’s alumni chapter), ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination, and ASU’s National Sustainability Teachers’ Academy
  • to educate travelers about carbon neutral or even net positive road tripping;
  • to demonstrate to those on the fence about buying an electric car that “range anxiety” is state of mind and not a real concern;
  • to act as a resource for electric road trip planners; and
  • to support and promote the businesses that make electric road tripping possible.

In so doing, we will hold events promoting our beneficiaries; meetups with electric vehicle groups, other Tesla owners and related sustainability enthusiasts across the route; post data, stories, and photographs on various social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and on this site, and conduct podcasts and interviews throughout the route.


I hate the word, “retired.”

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines retired as (1) secluded and (2) withdrawn from one’s position or occupation: having concluded one’s working or professional career.

I was born and raised in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, a relatively small river town about 35 miles, as the crow flies, north of New York City. I moved to the Phoenix area in 1976 to follow the sage advice of John Babsone Lane Soule, to “Go west young man and grow up with the country.”

After a couple of business failures, in 1982, I founded the China Mist Tea Company in my garage with friend Dan Schweiker, who had also failed in two business starts. The third time was a charm for both of us and the company, China Mist Tea Company, thrived.

In January of 2016, I completed an Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) from Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and then just 10 months later, Dan and I sold the business that we had built into a national and international iced tea brand.

So, I am not done yet. I prefer to say that I have since, “pivoted.”

Now I identify as a natural capitalist, putting my varied education and my passion for sustainability together to improve the world through participation and leadership in a variety of activities, including volunteering as Arizona State University, acting as a brand ambassador for the Rocky Mountain Institute, and promoting clean energy and electric motoring. Essentially, I am putting my EMSL to work for the world.

I am the husband of a very forgiving wife, father to two teens struggling through adolescence, and a herder of 7 cats, 3 dogs and 10 hens. I am also an amateur blogger, vegan cook, and

I was an early adopter of electric motoring—one of the thousand or so “owners” of the General Motors EV1, the first road-worthy electric vehicle of the modern age and an early purchaser of the Tesla Model S. Now my wife Suzanne and I both drive Tesla electric vehicles and we have a full-rooftop solar array so daily driving for us is carbon neutral.




This carbon-free journey was made possible, in part, thanks to our partners.




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