There have been road trips as long as there have been roads. The newest iteration is the electric road trip, made possible by the Tesla Supercharger Network. This site is dedicated to those who seek to take to the open road as explorers in zero-emission vehicles.

John Martinson

Natural Capitalist


John Martinson co-founded the China Mist Tea Company in his garage in 1982 and over 34 years co-nurtured China Mist into a national/international foodservice iced tea brand. In 2016, a pivotal year, John earned an Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) from Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and subsequently sold the Company to pursue life-long interests in sustainability.

Today, John is an advocate for renewable energy, circular economy, and electric vehicles and EV infrastructure. He is a self-described natural capitalist, promoting the protection and sustainability of natural capital—the planet’s stocks of natural assets from which humans derive a wide range of ecosystem services, which make human life possible including biodiversity, pollination of crops, nutrient cycling, fresh water, clean air, climate regulation, and raw materials.

A promoter of ASU’s School of Sustainability, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, and Center for Science and the Imagination. John is also a brand ambassador for the Rocky Mountain Institute and serves on Arizona Advisory Councils for Common Sense Media and Green Living Magazine.

John is a vegan and the primary cook for his family and grows much of the food he uses to prepare meals. He promotes and blogs about sustainability and EV road tripping at to demonstrate the viability of transitioning from carbon-based fuels to emissions-free electric motoring.

Born and raised in New York’s Hudson River Valley, John moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area in 1976. He is married to Suzanne Pickett Martinson and is father of two teens.