We Ship Your Cars
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Whether you are relocating, selling your vehicle or sending it to another family member, let our dependable auto shipping experts handle the arrangements for you. With our carriers your vehicle travels with 7-9 other vehicles. The picture above is on a load of 9 Snowbirds from Buffalo, NY shipping their cars to Florida. With the cost all trucking companies face today your vehicles must be shipped with other vehicles traveling to the same area. Please keep this in mind when making your plans for having your car transported. We understand that your vehicle is important to you and a requirement for most peoples everyday life. We strive to make this process go as smoothly as possible. The carriers are 75 feet long and 13' 6" feet high. Keep this in mind when drivers contact you about pickups and deliveries. They can not travel down residential streets.

How does it work?

Please read below and then click on the link to the quote form on the left. We will guide you through the process step by step.
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  1. Once you have decided to ship your car the first step is to call or to fill out the quote request form.
  2. After we receive your information we go to work to give you the best price possible for shipping your car.
  3. Your quote will be emailed to you or you may speak to someone over the phone. If there are any questions or additional complications this should be discussed at this time.
  4. A booking order and deposit is required to schedule this. The booking order must be signed and faxed back to confirm shipment.
  5. As soon as your booking order is received in our office our team goes to work scheduling your vehicle for shipment.
  6. A member of our team will contact you to schedule your pickup. Most residential moves CAN NOT be done door to door. This means you will have to meet the truck and driver at a location close to you that allows trucks. Walmart, Home Depot, shopping malls and schools are common.
  7. At the pickup point your driver will need the keys for your vehicle. A bill of lading is done for your vehicle which includes a complete inspection of your vehicle. Imperfections or any damage found will be noted.
  8. After your vehicle is picked up you can call our office and check the status for delivery well in transit and our driver will contact you 24 hours before to schedule delivery.
  9. Your vehicle is delivered and the inspection report is signed again to verify that the vehicle was not damaged during transport. Should damage occur it must be noted upon delivery.

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