Boulder Dash

For those of you who are following our route, note that our original route from Aspen to Boulder, Colorado had us going around and through Rocky Mountain National Park. Instead, I re-routed us along the Central City Parkway to State Highway 119 to Boulder so we were sure to have some quality time with the folks at Rocky Mountain Institute’s Boulder Office. We were supposed to meet the staff at their Innovation Center in Basalt, but due to the fire, the building was closed and many staff evacuated from their homes.

In Boulder, we had a great meeting with the wrap design team who were thrilled to be able to see it on the car. The entire staff came out to have their picture taken with Watts Her Name (our Model 3) including CEO Jules Kortenhorst—well worth the diversion. They took a lot of great photos that I am sure will be on social media next week and then we were treated to a tour of RMI’s new net zero building.

As we were driving away, I was feeling kind of guilty taking Watts Her Name away from the site as she looked so perfect parked outside the entrance of their offices like a purposeful sculpture.

RMI CEO, Jules Kortenhorst

RMI CEO, Jules Kortenhorst

Route Leg

Boulder, CO Leg